We are building a sustainable village in San Antonio, Honduras to provide greater access to education, food, income-generation, and safe housing for families in need.

Our Current Projects

Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC), in partnership with CEPUDO, will support San Antonio through a number of initiatives, the first being the construction of a vocational training centre focusing on agricultural training for young adults in grades 7-9. This is the initial phase of a larger project that will include supporting local coffee farmers and beekeepers, facilitating women’s empowerment training workshops, and building safe and secure homes for families in the community to provide a sustainable future.

How We Help Every Day

FFPC focuses its efforts in Honduras on various areas of programming to help lift families out of poverty.

Communities continue to face challenges that limit their ability to lead a quality life. Poor health care, lack of access to education and food, insecure housing, and high rates of violence and crime are constant reminders of the daily struggles that families must deal with, and we look to support in as many areas as we can to alleviate these issues.

With the help of our donors and in-country partners, we work across Honduras to:

  • Build schools to provide access to education beyond grade 6
  • Implement livelihood and income-generation projects
  • Ship and distribute food to support nutrition programs at schools and community centres
  • Ship medicine, pharmaceuticals, and supplies to hospitals and clinics across the country
  • Build safe and secure homes for families
  • Send items to be included in emergency kits as part of emergency preparedness and response efforts

Country Statistics

  • 60% of the country lives on less than $2 per day
  • Over 600,000 people in Honduras lack access to clean water
  • There are more people in the country who lack food than have enough to eat
  • More than 45% of children who should be attending high school in the country are not

Our Work with CEPUDO

FFPC works with CEPUDO to help families overcome conditions of extreme poverty by providing shelter for those most in need, relieving hunger through monthly aid, and bringing hope to youth through education.

CEPUDO works with a large number of local community organizations, health centres, and schools and orphanages to ensure that those most in need are reached.

To learn more about CEPUDO’s programming and distribution work, click here.