In Haiti, we build safe and secure homes for families, implement income-generating projects, ship and distribute food, medicine, educational and emergency supplies.

Our Current Projects

We have completed 45 homes in Derac, a village in northern Haiti, and we have 15 homes to go. Derac will include a community centre, a school, income-generation opportunities, playgrounds, and a community garden to create a sustainable community.

We are also responding to the earthquake that devastated the nation in August 2021.

How We Help Every Day

FFPC focuses its efforts in Haiti on building homes and villages, ensuring food security, and providing communities with access to clean water.

Haiti is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. Hundreds of thousands have been injured and displaced in the last decade. The constant threat of disaster has made emergency response and preparedness as well as access to safe and secure housing a priority for Haiti.

With the help of our donors and in-country partners, we work across Haiti to:

  • Build community infrastructure such as homes, medical clinics, and water systems
  • Ship and distribute medicine, medical supplies, and equipment to hospitals and health centres
  • Ship and distribute food to schools, orphanages, churches, and local organizations
  • Implement livelihood and income-generation projects
  • Send items to be included in emergency kits as part of emergency preparedness and response efforts

Our Work with Food For The Poor Haiti

FFPC works with Food For The Poor Haiti (FFPH) and their network of schools, hospitals, orphanages, local churches, and NGOs to provide access to basic needs.

With over 400 staff, FFPH provides housing, food, healthcare, education, clean drinking water, emergency relief, and support of micro-enterprises in local communities across the country.

To learn more about FFPH’s development and distribution work, click here.

Haiti Statistics

  • 60% of Haitians live below the national poverty line, and more than 24% live in extreme poverty
  • More than 50,000 Haitians have been displaced as a result of disasters, forced evictions, chronic food and livelihood insecurity, and economic, political and environmental fragility
  • 22% of children are chronically malnourished, 10% are underweight, and 66% under the age of 5 suffer from anemia