We work in the remote, Indigenous village of Baramita close to the Venezuelan border to build homes and provide income-generation opportunities, allowing families to receive the tools they need to become self-sustainable. 

Our Current Projects

To date, Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC) has constructed a Community Centre with solar panels used for learning and training purposes by students and community members, and has supported with shipping and distribution of food.

Soon to be implemented will be a chicken rearing project that will provide families with additional food security, as well as building a library in the existing Community Centre so that children will have a safe space where they can learn, complete school assignments, and have access to resources such as tablets and textbooks to support their educational journey.

As we look to grow Baramita into a sustainable community, we are seeking your help to build 10 homes. Families in Baramita live in extreme poverty, where homes are made of plastic sheets with no flooring or access to sanitation facilities. These makeshift tents also provide very little security and shelter from poor weather conditions. Having a secure home will provide families and their children with a space where they can be healthy and safe.

How We Help Every Day

FFPC focuses its efforts in Guyana, specifically the village of Baramita, on various areas of programming to help lift families out of poverty.

With the cost of living in Baramita being three times higher than living on the coast, 95% of the community lives in extreme poverty, with makeshift tents as homes constructed of plastic, and no floor or sanitary facilities. There is a lack of access to food, health care, education, and women and girls are often the victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Families go hungry on a regular basis, malaria, skin infections, and a lack of personal hygiene are prevalent in the community, and only 45% of children attend primary school, as many parents don’t understand the value of education. Alcohol abuse is at epidemic levels within the majority of the population, and the rate of suicide in Baramita is nine times higher than the national average, indicating that many suffer from mental and emotional health problems.

With the help of our donors and in-country partners, we work across Guyana to:

  • Build community infrastructure such as community centres, libraries, homes, and water systems
  • Distribute agricultural tools and support skills training
  • Implement livelihood and income-generation projects
  • Ship and distribute educational supplies, meals, and food hampers to families living in poverty
  • Send items to be included in emergency kits as part of emergency preparedness and response efforts

Our Work with Food For The Poor Guyana

FFPC works with Food For The Poor Guyana (FFPG), which has been operating for 30 years, to build sustainable villages that include safe housing, agricultural and animal husbandry projects, skills-based community training, and distribution of food to families, schools, and orphanages across the country.

To learn more about FFPG’s programming and distribution work, click here.

Country Statistics

  • Guyana's poverty rate, measured as the percentage of people living on less than $5.50, sits at 41%
  • Natural disasters, particularly floods, have led to 94% of the negative impact on Guyana’s economy, according to a 2016 UNICEF study
  • Malnutrition affects young children, as 16% of Guyana's newborn indigenous children are underweight (below 2.5kg at birth)