Safe housing provides families with security and stability and helps foster a sense of community and togetherness.  Many families across the Caribbean and Latin America lack the basic elements of proper housing, such as water and sanitation. A safe home will give a family a safe place to raise their children and allow them to focus on other needs such as education and livelihood.

Food For The Poor Canada provides safe and secure homes to families across the Caribbean and Latin America, strengthening communities and creating stability.

  • More than 2 million people were left homeless after the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 2010.
  • Camps for internally displaced people in Haiti are dire. A third of all those living in camps do not have access to a latrine. On average, 82 people share one toilet.
  • According to the latest data (September 2014) 123 camps for internally displaced people remain open in Haiti, housing 85,432 people.
  • The number of internally displaced people grew in 2015 in Haiti as a result of thousands being deported from Dominican Republic.
  • Makeshift homes in Haiti and Jamaica are usually only temporary and often have inadequate access to water, waste management and security.
  • In Jamaica, the issue of housing has been aggravated by constant migration of people from the rural areas to the cities, causing the growth of urban slums.

What We Do

  • Build secure homes for families across Haiti, Honduras and Jamaica with sanitation and water components to ensure health and stability.
  • Provide solar-powered light kits for homes in Haiti.


From despair to hope for two Haitian women
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  • Built 130 homes in Haiti
  • Built 26 homes in Jamaica
  • Built 2 homes in Honduras
  • Provided 99 families with a solar-powered light kit

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Our Community Builders help families with their most basic needs – clean water, food and health care.