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Food For The Poor Canada helps build strong and prosperous communities across the Caribbean and Latin America, with a focus on Jamaica, Guyana, Honduras, Haiti, and the Bahamas. We respond to the most urgent needs of communities by providing food, clean water, and access to healthcare. We also work with in-country partners and local leaders  to strengthen communities and build social infrastructure such as schools, homes, medical clinics, and income-generating projects. Over the last 12 years, Food For The Poor of Canada and our Canadian donors have built 142 homes, 34 schools, as well as shipped and distributed over $40,000,000 in food, educational and medical supplies to communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We work to provide impact across five areas of programming:







Our impact is far-reaching because of two important and unique distinguishing factors.

First, we have strong partners rooted in the communities we serve with the capacity for effective and accountable distribution and project management. Our relationships with government ministries, NGO’s, churches, local organizations, and communities allow us to better understand and determine the work that we do, and to work with and support local staff in the countries we serve. Through trusted partners, FFPC has strengthened its emergency preparedness and responds effectively to emergencies and natural disasters when they occur.

Second, we are affiliated with Food For The Poor, Inc. one of the largest charities working in the region, and so we benefit from economies of scale in our purchasing, partnerships and work.

We are responsive, community-led and work to build capacity. Our unique approach of providing basic needs and community development enables and empowers individuals, families and communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Our Community Builders help families with their most basic needs – clean water, food and health care.