For years Jamaica has been battling with a sluggish economy coupled with low growth rates, all while struggling to combat severe poverty, especially in rural areas. Many families lack access to running water and electricity in rural areas and housing remains a critical need in both rural and urban areas. Many Kingston migrants find themselves homeless after relocating to the city to find work. Jamaica continues to experience high rates of poverty, violent crime and unemployment.

What We Do

  • Build early childhood schools
  • Provide school furniture, computers, supplies, scholarships and teacher training
  • Build homes
  • Ship and distribute pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and medical machinery
  • Livelihood and income-generating projects



  • Built 33 early childhood education schools across Jamaica
  • Trained early childhood teachers to improve education across Jamaica
  • Provided tertiary scholarships, 168 backpacks, 186 computers, and 700 chairs and desks for students
  • Shipped more than $10 million worth of medicines, educational supplies, computers, books
  • Built 26 homes in Jamaica
  • Provided support for vocational training programs in landscaping, barbering and sewing
  • Provided 2 Dialysis machines and supplies to Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation
  • Provided an ambulance for a hospital and 100 mattresses that can be easily disinfected during a pandemic
  • Distributed 22,860 bags of dried vegetable soup mix, 470 bags of dried beans and 216 bags of dried apples donated by Canadian farmers to Food For The Poor feeding programs in Jamaica.
  • Provided an ophthalmology machine to an eye clinic
  • Provided 1122 layettes to families for their newborns and young children

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Our Community Builders help families with their most basic needs – clean water, food and health care.