Honduras is an impoverished country with the highest level of income inequality in all of Latin America. With more than 60% of the population living in poverty and one of the world’s highest murder rates, Honduras faces many serious barriers to progress. Unemployment, gang violence and a widespread lack of opportunity contribute to the challenging landscape. Chronic malnutrition is rampant in Honduras especially in rural areas where up to 48% of children can be affected. Infant and child mortality rates are also high. Honduras remains one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters in the world, frequently being affected by severe droughts that deplete the availability of basic crops.

FFPC is excited to announce its newest partner, CEPUDO. In 2020, we look forward to building more homes and our first school in Honduras together.

What We Do

  • Work with our implementing partner CEPUDO
  • Build schools to support education past 6th Grade
  • Support scholarships for students to attend high school and post secondary institutions
  • Build homes
  • Ship dried goods like beans to support nutrition programs at schools and community centres
  • Develop livelihood and income-generating projects to support families


UPDATE: Due to the pandemic, projects in Honduras have temporarily paused until it safe to resume again. In the meantime, we are working closely with our partner CEPUDO to identify immediate and long-term needs in the communities.


  • Built 2 homes for families
  • 2 containers of rice and beans to support feeding programs with 350,000 meals
  • Distributed 12,240 bags of dried vegetable soup, generating over 1 million meals to children and their families with vegetables donated by Okanagan farmers

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Our Community Builders help families with their most basic needs – clean water, food and health care.