As the world prepares to return to a new normal, children across Jamaica will be getting ready to go back to school this fall. Unfortunately, access to education still remains a major challenge for students as many families, typically those from low-income households, do not have the financial capacity to send their children to school.

The cost of attending school is considerably high. Parents must pay hundreds of dollars each school year for items like uniforms, school lunches, textbooks, registration fees, examination fees, and school maintenance fees.

The ‘Back-to-School Program’ implemented by Food For The Poor Jamaica is geared towards assisting vulnerable students from low socio-economic communities with educational support. Under this initiative, students from all grade levels ranging from basic to tertiary are assisted with financial grants to cover tuition fees, lunch, and textbooks, which many parents and guardians would not have been able to afford otherwise.  The goal is to serve as many students and their families as possible, across the island.

Education is one of the most important investments a country can make towards its future. It improves health and livelihoods, contributes to social stability, and drives long-term economic growth and development. Providing funding for education in the form of grants will provide long-term impacts to students that include:

  • Advancing their educational journey, allowing them to be more qualified for gainful employment
  • Improving the economy by contributing to society, resulting in decreased poverty rates
  • Giving back to their community as they thrive

Your support will allow us to make these meaningful impacts in not only the lives of students, but their communities as well. Help send a child to school today, and make a difference that will transform the communities of tomorrow.