Gifts of Hope

Your gift of a stack of books for a classroom will spark the imagination of young minds for years to come!

Your gift of fruit-bearing trees will provide families with a nutritious and sustainable source of food and income.

Your gift of school supplies will fill the desk of a child and give them the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Your gift will provide children and their families, giving them  the nutrition they need to make the most of every day.

Your gift  will provide food for a child for a year, providing vital nutrition for their learning and development.

Your gift will be multiplied 10 times; to stock the shelves of a health clinic with $1,000 worth of medicine and medical supplies.

Your gift of a solar-powered light kit with three lamps will provide light, safety and a brighter future for a family.

Your gift will help a family develop skills, a livelihood and earn an income while helping the earth thrive.

Your gift of a water pump will provide a community with access to clean water, keeping families healthy and safe.

Your gift of a playground will provide generations of children with the gift of play.

Your gift of a home is a life-changing gift that will provide a place where a family can dream of a brighter future.

Your gift of a school will give hundreds of children a safe, holistic and accessible place to learn.