The community of Baramita is located in a remote northern region in Guyana. Of its population of approximately 3,500,  95% of the community lives in extreme poverty. By participating in the Golf For Guyana tournament, you can help address issues of deepening poverty; support education, infrastructure, and income-generating projects that directly help the community to thrive.

Agriculture – Individual or communal farming allows families to have a consistent food supply for their children, learn transferable skills in agriculture, and earn a supplemental income to support their everyday needs. There are many opportunities for agricultural enterprises, but currently the community lacks the training and resources. With your support, an agricultural initiative will be implemented in the community. 

The goal of this project is to promote social development in the community of Baramita by providing some basic human necessities, helping to lift the community out of extreme poverty. Last year, you helped to complete a Multipurpose Centre that gives the community a safe space to gather, learn, and grow! Let’s keep going! 

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