Emergency Response

The Caribbean and Latin America are vulnerable to flooding and hurricanes, as well as drought and earthquakes. Food For The Poor prepares year round, in advance of natural disasters and in the spring for hurricane season, sourcing water tablets and food, as well as other emergency supplies. We position these supplies on the ground in advance of hurricanes, where possible, so we can access and respond immediately to communities that may be inaccessible after a storm with clean water and food.

What We Do

Food For The Poor International, one of the largest charities working in the region for the past 37 years has created a network of strong in-country partners and relationships with all levels of government. During an emergency we’re able to receive real time updates about the need on the ground and coordinate with our partners to ensure aid is delivered efficiently, using our well established distribution infrastructure and networks. 

After a disaster strikes, we work with these partners to address the immediate needs of a community by providing food, water purification tablets and medicines. We also supply building materials to help build and repair homes.

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