Emergency Response & COVID-19

Update July 2020: FFPC Feeds 50,000 People for 3 Months

Food For The Poor Canada continues to proactively and effectively respond to the pandemic in Caribbean and Latin American regions. Food For The Poor Canada has pivoted its emergency response to focus on food distribution since local partners expressed concern for the growing food shortages and mounting food insecurity, especially within vulnerable communities. Using a strong network of Canadian and Caribbean partners

Since March 2020 FFPC has provided:

  • 3 Million meals through deydrated soup mix
  • 8 shipping containers of rice and beans
  • 100 hospital mattresses that are made in Jamaica and easily santized
  • medical inhalers for individuals with Asthma and COPD

March 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the world are scrambling to source adequate medical supplies to brace for a surge of patients who will need care. We are thankful for strong leadership and safety nets provided by the Government of Canada and the Canadian healthcare system. Many countries are struggling to cope with this pandemic. For example, health care systems in the Caribbean and Latin America are already fragile and the spread of COVID-19 has the potential to further cripple their health care systems. 

Food For The Poor Canada remains committed to helping communities across the Caribbean and Latin America by responding to this crisis with a two-fold approach. Our in-country partners have identified a dire need for hospital equipment and supplies to prepare for the virus and we must ensure that regular shipments of food and medicines are not impacted or halted during this time. 

What We Do

We are working with our partners to source hospital equipment and supplies to help heal patients severely affected by COVID-19. Furthermore, we know that hundreds of feeding enters, local charities, churches and community centres rely on consistent food deliveries through FFPC, so these shipments are even more important at this critical time.

Together, we can support countries facing greater difficulties during this challenging time. We must stick together as a global community, to unite and commit to the health and wellbeing of ALL community members. Please donate today and support Food For The Poor Canada’s mission to help families in Latin America and the Caribbean during this crisis. 

Hurricane Dorian

The Caribbean and Latin America are vulnerable to flooding and hurricanes, as well as drought and earthquakes. Food For The Poor prepares year round, in advance of natural disasters and in the spring for hurricane season, sourcing water tablets and food, as well as other emergency supplies. We position these supplies on the ground in advance of hurricanes, where possible, so we can access and respond immediately to communities that may be inaccessible after a storm with clean water and food.

What We Do

Food For The Poor International, one of the largest charities working in the region for the past 37 years has created a network of strong in-country partners and relationships with all levels of government. During an emergency we’re able to receive real time updates about the need on the ground and coordinate with our partners to ensure aid is delivered efficiently, using our well established distribution infrastructure and networks. 

After a disaster strikes, we work with these partners to address the immediate needs of a community by providing food, water purification tablets and medicines. We also supply building materials to help build and repair homes.

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