The first Sustainable Development Goal aims to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere”. We know that poverty is complex and multifaceted. We can build a house for a family, but they will still be hungry, without access to safe drinking water and unable to attend school. With your help, we address the many root causes of poverty to create sustainable development.  We do this by our focus on education, food, housing, health and livelihoods.

How do these areas make an impact?

A well fed child can concentrate better in school and have the energy and nutrition they need for healthy development. Adults who are hungry find it difficult to work. We help families achieve food security so they are able to participate fully in their communities and focus on meeting other urgent needs.

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. When children are educated, they develop the skills and confidence to help lift their families out of poverty and build strong communities for generations to come.

Families who have access to healthcare and basic medicines have a better chance of surviving illness and disease. They are healthier and are more likely to access education and be able to sustain their own livelihood.

Sustainable livelihood helps communities become less vulnerable to poverty. Livelihood provides families with stability, empowerment and well-being. When people are given the tools, skills and resources to earn a living, they are able to provide the basic needs as well as sustain long-term stability for their families and communities.

Safe housing provides families with security and stability and helps foster a sense of community and togetherness. A safe home will give a family a safe place to raise their children and allow them to focus on other needs such as education and livelihood.